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Why the ‘Ethic’ in Ethic Street Pizza and Grill 

Our organisational pledges

  • To produce and serve quality food at reasonable prices.
  • To use local suppliers as much as possible to support our local businesses and to reduce food miles.
  • To use higher welfare products such as free range eggs and RSPCA Assured meats.
  • To use a proportion of our profits to either pay for, or to subsidise, events for disadvantaged groups.
  • To assess the ‘value’ of an event not simply in potential financial returns.
  • To recycle as much as we are able.
  • To pay our staff for the job they do, not based on their age.
  • To respect the role of event organisers who are often volunteers!
  • To replace the wood we have used by planting more trees.
  • To take any unused food to the Yeovil homeless shelter.

What this means in practice

Ethic Street Pizza do not use any of this information in our marketing.  This is the only place where you will read this.

  • Catered for Somerset County Council’s Autism Team’s (CAOT) summer camp – 3 nights…pizza, bbq and jacket spuds all at heavily subsidised prices for the last two years (2017 and 2018).  There was no 2019 camp out.
  • Catered Somerset County Council’s Special Educational Needs Family Day with a broad subsidised menu.
  • Cooked Christmas pizzas for residents and staff at Taunton Homeless Shelter; all free of charge.  We were back there last year (2018) and will be this year but this time also providing hot food for the homeless who do not access the night shelter (this is will be via their outreach workers).
  • Donated the food and cooked for a young peoples’ supporting housing celebration event in Dorchester.
  • We donate pizza meals for fundraising events for example our local school, children’s nursery etc.
  • Donated a 70 pizza party to a charity auction.  Our pledge raised £1000 for children’s charities.
  • Run pizza workshops in schools for pupils either free of charge and heavily subsidised.
  • Have an open pledge to provide pizza parties for the Make a Wish Foundation.
  • Use plastic as little as possible but where we have to we reuse as much as possible.
  • Buy our meat from our local butchers, our bread and cakes from our local bakers and our fruit and veg from our local greengrocers.
  • Our staff team is paid far in excess of any minimum or suggested wage. They work hard so are paid very well accordingly. They are worth every penny.
  • We aim to be ‘low maintenance’ traders, helping out where we can and not causing unnecessary work for organisers.
  • Planted Oak tree saplings as renewable energy source.

Company number:  10462887.  Registered Address:  6 The Linen Yard South, Crewkerne, Somerset, TA18 8AB. 

Ethic Street Pizza is registered with the Food Standards Agency and has achieved 5* rating.

Fi has a Level 3 Food Hygiene qualification and Mark a Level 2.

Ethic Street Pizza is licenced by South Somerset District Council.

Ethic Street Pizza has public and employers liability insurance click here.

Ethic Street Pizza is a proud member of NCASS – the Nationwide Catering Association.  They provide us with excellent advice and guidance to ensure what we do we do the best we possibly can.